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Jack Stanley

About Analytical Laboratory Consultants Ltd

Jack Stanley founded jsAnalytical Laboratory Consultants Ltd in 1992. As owner and lead consultant, I have worked in the mining and commercial laboratory industry since 1964. Many of Jack's analytical protocols and designs have been adopted by others in the industry.

In 1966, I designed, commissioned and operated my first gold assay laboratory. Since then I have designed over 40 laboratories as well upgraded numerous others. In addition I have commissioned 21 labs, managed 11 labs and trained personnel in mine laboratories around the world.

ALC's ventilation hood designs, now standard for many new laboratories, are used by Anachemia Science, Unit Electrical Engineering, Southern Industrial and other manufacturers. ALC laboratories are designed with a focus on safety, quality and production, always meeting strict environmental standards and with the objective of zero emissions. ALC laboratory designs have been in the form of modular (turn-key), prefabricated, stick built or building enclosed such as within a mill.

As well as extensive experience with assaying and environmental control analysis, ALC provides expertise for gravity circuit design, refinery design, and their operation. ALC has audited many mine and commercial precious metal refineries and have ongoing auditing commitments for several major refineries and/or their laboratories on an annual basis. ALC's assistance with furnace selection and ventilation as well as fluxing and refining techniques, has resulted in significant revenue gains and improved work safe environments.

ALC preparation design and analytical protocols take into consideration the challenges brought on by high commodity prices and the heterogeneous nature of gold, silver and base metal ores. ALC's practical approach to preparation and analytical procedures ensures quality analysis and production with the most difficult gold ores.

    He trabajado con ALC en diversos proyectos en Chile (El Indio - Barrick), Argentina (Alumbrera -Xstrata) y Perú (Yanacocha - Newmont), proyectos que han incluido desde el diseño del laboratorio, la puesta en marcha de diferentes técnicas clásicas e instrumentales y el entrenamiento para satisfacer las necesidades analíticas tanto de la mina y plantas de procesos como de las refinerías respectivas.

    Carlos Olivares Maya - Yanacocha

    Why Choose ALC Assayers

    High quality analysis is only of value if sampling is representative. To ensure this, ALC evaluates sampling systems and techniques, recommending protocols and equipment for mine or mill applications.

    ALC's long and varied industry experience provides the foundation to ensure that the sampling laboratory, sampling system or refinery you require meets the highest standards of production, quality and safety.

    ALC designed laboratories are operating in 14 countries under some extreme conditions such as Siberia, the Sahara, the Arctic, Equatorial jungles and at 10,000 foot elevations.